Livia Bordea is a self taught Romanian Designer with a passion for design that goes back to the early childhood years.
While studying Political Science in a desire to change the world, she realized that she can change it through beauty and creation.
So right there in the Spring of 2011 in a dorm room she began to manifest her true passion and childhood dream.

Learning everything from zero, deconstructing, sewing, patterning, drawing she later continued her fashion education with Fashion Design CoursesĀ  and an internship at evening wear designer Iris Serban where she discoverd her love for dresses and couture techniques.

She is inspired by the extraordinary and believes that art and creation helps us trancend to a deeper meaning in life connecting us with a higher purpose.
Avid reader, she believes in the power of knowledge and education, loves to travel as a way to discover new cultures and finf inspiration. She is a ferm believer in evolution always striving to be better and evolve.